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Orvelyn Beauty Products was born in 2022, driven by the discovery that mature women often neglect themselves, remaining within their comfort zones and prioritizing everyone else but themselves. Gazing into the mirror, we see reflections of our mothers and grandmothers. It is time for a change! Enter Orvelyn Beauty Products, designed specifically for women who have been through it all and now wonder, "Been there, done that. Now what?" Whether they dedicated years to their careers or devoted themselves to their families, these women now face similar outer appearance concerns as a result of menopause, hair loss, and medical complications. I was once in a similar position and did not have enough time to address the major hair loss caused by my hair stylist.

In my quest for a solution, I began purchasing wigs from various beauty supply stores and exploring online options. However, none of them provided the comfort or natural appearance I was looking for. It was then that fate intervened, introducing me to a Master Class instructor renowned for creating wigs and units for both men and women with alopecia. Hairstylists from across the country traveled to learn from her.

She crafted a special unit for me—one that exuded both comfort and beauty. This encounter marked a turning point, and I proudly became an ambassador for her company, showcasing an array of designs and colors while allowing my own hair to grow. 

Initially, I lost confidence in myself and felt uncomfortable going out in public. I fervently prayed that I would find a solution, hoping to meet someone who understood my struggle. However, none of the options I tried earlier provided the comfort or natural appearance I desired—they all felt uncomfortable and looked wiggy. It was only after discovering this well-crafted unit that I finally regained my confidence and found myself. 

Now, my goal is to assist other women who are dealing with various hair issues, including hair loss caused by medical conditions. This dedication stems from my obsession for achieving the perfect look, which not only builds confidence but also adds that extra "POP" in every photo. My unwavering commitment to this mission is dedicated to my amazing mother.

Inspired by my own experiences of spending hundreds of dollars on wigs that didn't pop on camera, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Collaborating with talented designers, I created wigs that truly popped for every style and age. Whether it's a Girls Night Out or a Sunday's Best, Orvelyn Beauty has the perfect style for you.

Having dedicated my entire career to sales, I understand the significance of having the right "look." I firmly believe that every woman deserves to look her best and feel confident. Each wig we offer reflects a unique personality—sassy, classy, and undeniably badassy. When I wear wigs that truly POP, I experience an incredible sense of self-assurance, and I want every woman to feel just as remarkable!

I owe all these accomplishments to the strength and influence of my amazing Mother, who made tremendous sacrifices to help me reach where I am today. She always believed in me and instilled in me the importance of excellence in everything I do.


Creator of Orvelyn Beauty